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Oriental Musical Instruments



Decorated Profesional Saz
Decorated Baglamas

Bağlama is the most commonly used string folk instrument in Turkey. It takes different names according to the regions and according to its size such as Bağlama, Divan Sazı, Bozuk, Coğur, Kopuz Irızva, Cura, Tambura, etc.

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Profesional Oud

Oud is one of the instruments commonly used in Turkey and Arabic countries. It has a very short neck and this allows player to perform very fast...

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Oud fron view
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Neys The nay ( nai, nye, ney) is a simple, long, end-blown flute that is the main wind instrument of Middle Eastern music and the only wind instrument in classical Arabic music. It is very ancient instrument. The nay is literally as old as the pyramids. Ney players are seen in wall paintings in the Egyptian pyramids and neys have been found in the excavations at Ur in Iraq. Order now!
Canoon Kanun is an oriental zither. In contrast to the related instrument that is played in the Alpine countries this instrument is strung with gut-oder nylon strings. Interestingly the bridge does not stand on the wooden soundboard but on a parchment (drum skin), similar to the banjo. This results in a very characteristic tone. Order now!
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Tarabouks Darboukas

Daraboukas have a rounded rim similar to the Egyptian Tabla, so that the same playing technique is used.

Because of the animal skin this instrument has a more mellow sound and it is not so loud.

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