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Darbouka Mosaic Design

The goblet drum is a goblet shaped hand drum used in Arabic music , Persian music , Balkan music , Armenian music , Azeri music , Jewish music and Turkish music . Its thin, responsive drumhead and resonance help it produce a distinctively crisp sound. It is of ancient origin, and is believed by some to have been invented before the chair.

The darbouka (darbuka) or doumbek or tablah is an hour-glass-shaped drum popular throughout the Middle east. The body has approximately an hour-glass shape and the skin is stretched tight with rope or leather thongs or even nails.

The body may be made of copper, ceramic, pottery or wood. It is used a great deal in belly dancing music.

Darabouks have a rounded rim similar to the Egyptian Tabla, so that the same playing technique is used. Because of the animal skin this instrument has a more mellow sound and it is not so loud.
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